Customizable and skinnable social platform dedicated to (open)data.

We split the documentation given your profile (help us to improve it if you do not feel comfortable with those!):

I want to launch the project to play with it locally

Install both system and local dependencies. Then run the project.

I’m a regular developer of the platform

Once the project is up and running, it’s time to customize it! Take a look at our advanced documentation on adapting settings, creating a custom theme, testing your code, adding translations and so on.

I want to use it for my country

The project is currently in production for France and in development for Luxembourg. We can help you to set up your infrastructure, you can contact the team via a Github issue or through Gitter to chat directly.

I found a bug or I want to propose an improvement

For a bug, please report it directly as a Github issue following the proposed template. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.

For a contribution as a enthousiast citizen, check out our contributing guide. It’s good to have you on board!