Running the project

Adapt the Procfile.sample file at the root of your repository by copying it to Procfile and uncommenting appropriated lines.


Or use the --procfile option which allows you to specify a path to a custom Procfile from wherever you want.

Then run all dependencies with:

$ honcho start

Now open your browser to http://localhost:7000/. Everything is up and running!


If not, it’s time for your first contribution to improve the documentation! But first let’s try to figure out together what went wrong on Gitter.

You need to initialize some data before pushing uData to it’s full potential:

# Initialize database, indexes...
$ udata init
# Fetch and load licenses
$ udata licenses
# Fetch last translations
$ tx pull
# Compile translations
$ inv i18nc

That’s it! Now check out our advanced documentation for more customization.